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COTA Regional Chapters

  • Mission and Vision of COTA Asia-Pacific Chapter

Launched in February 2014, COTA Asia-Pacific Chapter aims at serving as a platform to

  • Establish and enhance linkages among Chinese transportation professionals in the Asia Pacific region;
  • Promote collaboration between Chinese transportation professionals in the region and their counterparts in China;
  • Assist in linking Chinese transportation professionals in the region to the other members of COTA
Also, COTA Asia-Pacific chapter will collaborate with the regional transportation research societies such as Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) to promote transportation research and development. The founding team of COTA Asia-Pacific Chapter comprises:

President, Dr. Qiang Meng

Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
National University of Singapore, Singapore


Vice President, Dr. Junyi Zhang

Transportation Engineering Laboratory
Hiroshima University, Japan


Vice President and Secretory, Dr. Xiaobo Qu

Assistant Professor (Lecturer)
Griffith School of Engineering
Griffith University, Australia


  • COTA Eurpoe

The golden summer in Stockholm witnessed the launch of the Chinese Overseas Transportation Association (COTA) - Europe on June 29, 2011.

It was the sixth International Symposium on Highway Capacity and Quality of Services (ISHC 2011) that gathered Yinhai Wang (President of COTA), Ning Wu (Germany), Ronghui Liu (UK), Qi Yang (Caliper), Jian Rong (BJUT) , Zong Tian (US), Scott Washburn (US) and Xiaoliang Ma (Sweden) in a joint dinner meeting. The meeting led to the formal establishment of COTA-Europe with an initial leadership group, which is currently composed of the following officers. Ning Wu, Professor at Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany, serves as the president of COTA-Europe. Ronghui Liu, Associate professor at the University of Leeds, UK, serves as the vice president of COTA-Europe. Xiaoliang Ma, Assistant Professor at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, serves as the secretary of COTA-Europe. Yinhai Wang, the President of COTA, decided to announce the exciting news to all COTA members and other Chinese colleagues. The first COTA-Europe President, Ning Wu has delivered his first speech to all COTA members and friends, which is as quoted as follows.

Dear Chinese countrymen, dear colleagues, dear foreign friends, dear president of the Chinese Overseas Transportation Association, Dr. WANG Yinhai:

It is our great opportunity today being gathering here in Stockholm to launch the European branch of the COTA, namely, COTA-Europe . As a long time member of the COTA, I am very honored to be appointed as the first president of the COTA-Europe. Working together with the new vice president, Dr. LIU Ronghui and the new sectary, Dr. MA Xiaoliang, we are committed to following the best tradition of COTA while developing our organization in Europe for strengthening the links between China and the overseas Chinese people, in particular the Chinese transportation professionals in Europe, as well as among those professionals themselves. Our mission is challenging but also promising. The first duty of our new team is to promote the mission of COTA and acquire new members among the Chinese transportation professionals in Europe. With the support of the COTA, , I am very confident that the new team will fully comply with its duty.

Ning Wu, President of COTA-Europe