Member Only  




There are five categories of COTA membership:

  • Member;
  • Student Member;
  • Associate Member;
  • Honorable Member, and
  • Institution Member.

Please refer to the COTA Bylaws for the details.

To become a Member or a Student Member, simply download and fill out the application form. Please email the application form to:

Dr. Henry Liu (, and
Dr. Jianming Ma (

And also please mail your application form along with membership fee (check only payable to: COTA) to the following address:

ATTN: Dr. Jianming Ma
10016 Liriope Cove
Austin, TX 78750

If you want to become an Associate Member only, please email the application form to Henry Liu ( and Dr. Jianming Ma ( No membership fee is due for an associate member. An associate member has no right for vote. Please read through the COTA Bylaws for details about COTA membership.

If your agency wants to become an Institution Member, please contact Henry Liu ( and Dr. Jianming Ma (

Any type of membership application for the current calendar year must be accepted by October 1st.