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Monday, December 1, 2014

Vol. 65-2014-12-01

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COTA in action

COTA TRB Reception During TRB 94th Annual Meeting

COTA Newsletter Vol.17 No. 2, Sep., 2014
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CALL FOR ABSTRACTS - The 18th COTA Annual Winter Symposium "TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM EMPOWERED BY BIG DATA", -- Washington, D.C., January 11, 2015. - Abstract Submission Deadline - December 8, 2014. 18 Winter Symposium Call For Abstract.pdf

China in Development

2014 Shanghai international satelite navigation technology & equipment expro. -- Shanghai, December 9 - 11, 2014.

2014 China transport information and intelligence development promotion conference, -- Beijing, December 11 - 12, 2014.

2015 ITS China Yearly Grand Ceremony, -- Beijing, January, 16, 2015.

2015 Intertraffic China, Shanghai, March 31 - April 2, 2015.

14th ITS Asia Pacific Forum, -- Nanjing, Jiangsu, April 27 - 29, 2015.

2015 Shanghai International Command and Control Technology and Equipment Exhibition, -- Shanghai, June 10 - 12, 2015.

2015 ITS Expro. (Shenzhen), -- Shenzhen, June 14 - 26, 2015.

2015 fifth session of Asia (Beijing) International Intelligent Traffic and road safety exhibition, -- Beijing, June 16 - 18, 2015.

CPSE 2015 - the 15th China Public Security Expro, -- Shenzhen, October 31 - November 1, 2015

Driver population in China reaches 300 million, top in the world

Beijing will evaluate public trasit ticket pricing adjustment policy every 5 years.

China will implement the longest ETC freeway system in the world next year.

2014 mobile taxi system industrial report

"Cool-down" thinking of ITS development

Building "Smart City" under "Big Data" environment

"Golden Kylin" Smart City Discussion Forum: froming burning money to earning monay

Why domestic made signal controllers did not become maonstream products?

Shenzhen exprience: "eletronic police" is taking 80% enforcement tasks

GM Shanghai announced connected vehicle strategy

Discussion of future connected vehicle networking

Connecting with Webchat, new "playing -mode" for Guanzhi automobile.

Vison future, 5 trends of ITS traveling

Will the parking guidance fix the cities' problems?

Yu, Zhi: OPEN ITS based on "Big Data"

North America

Webinar: Let’s Talk Performance:Theory vs. Practice -- Linking Performance Measures to Outcomes, December 9, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM (EST)

Florida Automated Vehicles Summit 2014, -- Orlando, Florida, December 15 - 16, 2014.

2015 Texas Transportation Forum, -- Austin, Texas, January 14 - 16, 2015.

Call for Submissions: Transportation Association of Canada(TAC) Annual Meeting, -- Charlottetown, PEI, September 27 - 30, 2015.

Call for paper: IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2015, -- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 15 – 18 September 2015.

Experts: Self-Driving Cars Could Add $1.3 Trillion to U.S. Economy

ITS-JPO Report: The Smart/Connected City and Its Implications for Connected Transportation
This white paper outlines the potential for the emerging connected transportation system to interface with smart/connected cities. Its aim is to lay the foundation for defining steps that the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Connected Vehicle Program should take to identify and exploit opportunities to help ensure that connected vehicles and connected transportation fulfill their potential to improve safety, mobility, and environmental outcomes in future complexly interdependent and multimodal environments.

ITS-JPO Report: Transit Safety Retrofit Package Development Architecture and Design Specifications
The Architecture and Design Specifications capture the TRP system architecture and design that fulfills the technical objectives stated in the TRP requirements document. The document begins with an architectural overview that identifies and describes the top-level components of the system and describes how those components interface with critical internal and external elements.

ITS-JPO Report: 2014 ITS Benefits, Costs, and Lessons Learned Report
The report is based on three related Web-based databases, known collectively as the ITS Knowledge Resources. The ITS Joint Program Office's evaluation program developed the Knowledge Resources to support informed decision making regarding ITS investments by tracking the effectiveness of deployed ITS. The Knowledge Resources contain over 18 years of summaries of the benefits, costs, and lessons learned of specific ITS implementations, drawn primarily from written sources such as ITS evaluation studies, research syntheses, handbooks, journal articles, and conference papers.

Inflight Volume 5/Issues 6, November/December 2014

Internet of Things Helps Buffalo, Other Cities with Snow Removal

Beating jams and business benefits: interview with Esri

Boston is Tweaking Maximum Parking Hours in the Innovation District to Open Up More Spaces

City’s online map app updates its project list and adds more data

Real-time mapping service coordinates Chicago's road work

Gov’t Data Sharpens Focus on Crude-Oil Train Routes

Are companies ready to embrace the Internet of Things?

How bright is the future of our transportation systems?

Autonomous Vehicles Are Coming…But When?

Proposed Distracted Driving Law Won't Stop Siri

A System That Any Automaker Can Use to Build Self-Driving Cars

The Connected Car of 2029 Might Be More Human Than Machine


Call for papers: 18th EURO Working Group on Transportation, Delft, The Netherlands, July, 14 – 16 2015.

ConnecteDriver, -- Brussels, January 28 - 29, 2015.

Future Travel Experience Europe 2015, -- London, February 2 - 4 , 2015.

Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2015, -- Stuttgart, Germany, June, 17 - 18, 2015.

Call for paper: 22nd ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, France, October 5 - 9, 2015.

System to cut traffic pollution in Swansea from 2015

European Space Agency contracts Inmarsat to develop space-based aviation data link for European airspace

Australia & New Zealand

2016 Asia Pacific Student Excellence Scholarship Program

23rd ITS World Congress, Melbourne, Australia, October 10 - 14, 2016.

Are more roads the solution to Sydney’s traffic congestion?

Middle East

Gulf Traffic, -- Dubai, December 8-10, 2014.


Call for Papers: 2015 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, -- Seoul, Korea, June 28 – July 1, 2015,

Fujitsu Provides its SPATIOWL Traffic Information Service to Indonesian Toll Road Management Company PT. Marga Utama Nusantara

How VMoney can help solve congestion in the Philippine public transport system

COTA Community

7th International Symposium on Travel Demand Management - DEADLINE EXTENDED - Dec. 15, 2014.

Dear TDM Researchers and/or Practitioners:

We're pleased to announce the deadline for Abstracts/Papers submission for the 7th International Symposium on Travel Demand Management has now been extended to Dec. 15, 2014. The symposium will be held in Tucson Arizona, USA, April 13-15, 2015, with the theme of "Dynamics of Travel Demand Management." The goal of this conference is to connect the domestic and international TDM research and practice communities to spark ideas that inspire the present and future direction of TDM in urban mobility. The conference will feature both an academic track and an industrial track.
This email is our call for abstracts to be considered for presentation, and call for papers for consideration of both presentation & publication at the 2015 TDM symposium. More information is below. I encourage you to submit your research and register to attend this event. On behalf of the organizing committee, we're pleased to be bringing this renowned conference to the U.S. for the first time, and we're looking forward to seeing active researchers and practitioners like yourself in Tucson, Arizona next year!

COTA Call for Paticipation

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