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Monday, August 11, 2014.

Vol. 57-2014-08-11

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China in Development

Sixth China International Fair of Traffic Security Products, -- Beijing, China, August 20 - 22, 2014.

Metro Expro 2014, -- Guangzhou, August 23 - 25, 2014.

Smart City Expro China 2014, -- Ningbo, Jiangsu, China, - September, 12 - 14, 2014.

2014 6th Asia (Beijing) Internaltional Intelligent City Technology and Application Exhibition, -- Beijing, China, September, 16 - 18, 2014.

2014 Second China Urban Intelligent Traffic Management and Technology Innovation Forum, Nanjing, Jiansu, China, September 17-18, 2014.

17th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems, -- Qingdao, China, October 8-11, 2014.

5th IOT China and CV & ITS China Exhibition, -- Shanghai, China, October 28 - 29, 2014.

Modern Reailways 2014, -- Beijing, China, October 28 - 31, 2014.

2014 China (Shandong) International Expro on Intelligent City and Internet of Things, -- Jinan, Shandong, November 7-9, 2014.

Ministry of Transportation: Release ETC internetworing stardard

Beijing: Targeting of one hour (communting) travel-time circle to release congestion pressure

Anhui Province: Summary of the implementation of dynamic transport vehcile monitoring guidance, ane the mission of the next phase.

The world's largest intelligent parking system will be build in Chongqing in 2020.

What we are still missing to improve transport systems?

Shenzhen model of urban traffic congestion releasing - economic analysis on the traffic charges

Baotou - reality and confusion behind 458000 cars

How to participate in the research of intelligent transportation systems

Smart phones for the intelligent transportation revolution

China Intelligent Transportation - ETC Industry Report

38 metropolitan public transportation systems nationwide share 21% traffic

Which bus does not congested?, your mobile phone will tell you

Development of Shanghai Traffic Information Service Application Platform

2014 China Automotive Industry Analysis Report on Internet Impacting

Solving large metropolitan traffic problems: emerging of intelligent vision plus connected vehicle

Nanjing: first in the nation that deploying on-board "environmental intelligent card", which accurately recording emmession data.

Smart City: the questions and problems behind the hot promotion

Re-construction of global transportation system strategy

Shenzhen traffic emission monitoring platform

Xiamen intelligent traffic control center (ITCC)

Observation: heavy traffic and how Hong Kong to ease the complexity of pedeatrian and vehicles conflict?

VisionChina Media Partners with Huawei to Expedite National Mass Transit WIFI Network Expansion

Car and Internet industries set for further integration

Beijing Monorail Plan Earns Ire Among Residents

North America

Connected Vehicle Reference Implementation Architecture Workshop; Notice of Public Meeting, -- San Francisco, California, August 20-21, 2014

ITS in the Heartland & ITS Rural ITS Conference, Branson, Missouri, August 24 - 27, 2014

2014 World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems, -- Detroit, Michigan, September 7-11, 2014.!

IBTTA 82nd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, -- Austin, Texas, September 13 - 17 2014.

ITS 3C Summit, -- Mobile, Alabama, September 14-17, 2014.

Shaping the Future for Paratransit - International Paratransit Conference, -- Monterey, CA, October 29-31, 2014.

7th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Workshop on Computational Transportation Science, -- Dallas, Texas, November 4, 2014

Airport Terminal Incident Response Planning
TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Report 112: Airport Terminal Incident Response Planning summarizes the development and use of a tool that creates and maintains integrated incident response plans that address hazards in and around airport terminals.

Transportation Operations Research and Development Newsletter: June 2014
The U.S. Federal Highway Administration has released the latest edition of its newsletter that summarizes research activities at its Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center.

Coordinating the Use and Location of Weigh-In-Motion Technology for Kentucky
The Kentucky Transportation Center has released a report that details possible applications—such as planning, law enforcement of commercial vehicles, and pavement design—for data collected by weigh-in-motion scales.

Understanding and Modeling Bus Transit Driver Availability
The Mineta Transportation Institute has released a report that details two mathematical models with probabilistic constraints that were developed to determine daily optimal driver availability and deployment, while incorporating reliability and risk measures.

RFP: IDEA Program Announcement 2014: Funding Proposals Now Being Accepted

Modeling Taxi Demand with GPS Data From Taxis and Transit
The Mineta National Transit Research Consortium at San Jose State University has released a report that predicts taxi demand by using GPS data to identify transit accessibility, population, age, education, income, and the number of jobs within different census tracts.

Maintaining Transit Effectiveness Under Major Financial Constraints
TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 112: Maintaining Transit Effectiveness Under Major Financial Constraints discusses transit agencies that implemented plans to increase their cost effectiveness and how the agencies communicated with their communities during challenging fiscal circumstances.

Texas Transportation Researcher, Volume 50, Number 2 (2014)

Software predicts when, where serious accidents are most likely to occur on Tennessee highways

Houston’s Plan to Make “Bicycle Interstates” Out of Its Utility Network

Transportation Institute works on study that could display traffic signs inside vehicles

Platooning trucks: A virtual reality V2V technology-based system aims to boost safety, save fuel and reduce emissions

Mercedes-Benz's autonomous driving features dominate the industry -- and will for years


Call for paper: 2014 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference (VNC), -- Paderborn, Germany, December 3-5, 2014.

European Transport Conference 2014, -- Frankfurt, Germany, September 29 - October 1, 2014.


2014 International Conference on Connected Vehicles and Expro (ICCVE), -- Vienna, Austria, Nov. 3 - 7, 2014.


IEEE ITS SOCIETY NEWSLETTER, Vol. 16, No. 3 July 2014.

FINAL REPORT: To develop and validate a European passenger transport information and booking system across transport modes

Birmingham City Council is considering congestion charging as part of a range of options to tackle poor air quality from toxic surface transport emissions.

EU develops app-controlled parking system for self-driving cars

Australia & New Zealand

Middle East

Gulf Traffic, -- Dubai, December 8-10, 2014.


How do you get agencies sharing data during a crisis? How Manila, Philippines, changed processes to enable better analytics

Singapore: LTA unveils master plan to build an intelligent transport network

Driverless buses, talking cars in smart-transport master plan

Singapore is giving its senior citizens the power to hold up traffic

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