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Monday, July 15, 2013.

Vol. 29-2013-07-15

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COTA in action

We Want to hear from you all -- COTA E-News Short Survey.

Call for participation -- COTA International Conference of Transportation Professionals, CICTP 2013, -- Shenzhen, China, August 13 - 16, 2013.

China in Development

2013 IEEE International Conference on Internet of Things (iThings2013, -- Beijing, China August 20 - 23, 2013.

Smart City Expro China 2013, -- Ningbo, September 6 - 8, 2013.

8th ITS China Annual Meeting, -- Hefei, China, September 26 - 28, 2013.

Ministry of Transport: Low carbon concept is used in freeway design

The future investment hotspots of urban ITS

Development trendecy of high resolution electronic police system in China

Intelligent traffic control gloves: "new weapons" for the traffic police

Shenzhen ITS system development status

China plans world's longest sea tunnel at $42 billion -report

BRT in China & Asia - China Bus Rapid Transit

Guangzhou’s BRT: Revolutionizing Perceptions of Bus Travel in China

North America

2014 TRB 93rd Annual Meeting and Transportation Research Record Call for Papers

Conference on Agent-Based Modeling in Transportation Planning and Operations, -- Blacksburg, Virginia, September 30 - October 2, 2013.


7th Annual Competition and Call for Communications Concepts with John and Jane Q. Public: Transportation Modeling and Simulation
The TRB Technical Activities Division’s Planning and Environment Group is holding its seventh annual competition to find top methods for communicating transportation concepts to non-professional audiences. Entries, which should focus on best practices in communicating transportation modeling and simulation to the public, are due by August 5, 2013.

Transportation Data Palooza Agenda

Has Motorization in the U.S. Peaked?
The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute has released a report that examines trends in the numbers of light-duty vehicles in the U.S. fleet.

Volpe News: New App Puts Vehicle Safety in Consumers' Hands, Volpe’s Unique Simulator Revolutionizes Breathalyzer Evaluation, and more
Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center, has released the latest edition of its newsletter designed to feature events and research produced by the Center. Part of the U.S. DOT’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Volpe staff partner with public and private organizations to assess the needs of the transportation community, evaluate research and development, assist in the deployment of transportation technologies, and inform decision- and policy-making.

Active Traffic Management for Arterials
TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 447: Active Traffic Management for Arterials explores practices associated with the design, implementation, and operation of active traffic management (ATM) on arterial roadways.

Investigating Regional Dynamic Traffic Assignment Modeling for Improved Bottleneck Analysis: Final Report
The Center for Transportation Research at the University of Texas at Austin has released a report that addresses dynamic traffic assignment modeling on roadway networks as a way to improve vehicular flow patterns.

Use of Advance Geospatial Data, Tools, Technologies, and Information in Department of Transportation Projects
TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 446: Use of Advance Geospatial Data, Tools, Technologies, and Information in Department of Transportation Projects that explores the development, documentation, and introduction of advanced geospatial technologies within departments of transportation.

495 Capital beltway toll lanes see leap in traffic & $s in June quarter from weak first months

High Speed Rail Learning System

TIGER to power Port of Northern Montana Multimodal Hub Center

Is climate change making cities wealthier and healthier?

Three different paths to infotainment taken by Detroit Three

Opening of new east span of San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge postponed because rework needed

Unclean at Any Speed - Electric cars don’t solve the automobile’s environmental problems

North American Fatigue Managment Program (NAFMP)


hEART2013 -- 2nd Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation, -- Stockholm, September 4 - 6 2013.

16th International IEEE Conference on Intelligent Transport System, -- The Hague, The Netherlands, October 6 - 9, 2013.

13th International Conference Intelligent Transportation Systems Telecommunications (ITST-2013), -- Tampere, Finland, November 5 - 7, 2013.

2013 Annual Polis Conference, -- Brussels, December 4 - 5, 2013.

CALL FOR PAPERS: Transport Policy - Special Issue on “Economic regulation of transport infrastructure – theory and practices”

Google Maps gets biking directions for Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein

New issue of "Traffic Technology International" - June/July 2013

What does the UK public think about transport?
The UK Department of Transport has published an interesting new survey on public attitudes towards transport, including congestion, cycling, mobile phone use and speed cameras

ERTICO EMagazine -Special ITS Dublin editiion

Australia & New Zealand

AITPM National Conference 2013.

Look before you leave - VicRoads website now a one-stop-shop for traffic information.

Middle East

ITS and Road Safety Forum Qatar 2013, -- St. Regis Doha, Qatar, Septemper 16 - 17, 2013.

17th IRF World Meeting & Exhibition Riyadh, -- Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, November 9 - 13, 2013.

Kuwait move to improve Traffic Demand Management, Road Safety and Enforcement.
A new move by the Kuwait Government is intended to improve Traffic Demand Management, Enhance Road Safety, Strengthen Traffic enforcement, Build Integrated Information System and conduct Institutional Reform to overcome the escalating problem of road accidents and congestion. The UNDP Kuwait invites all interested government agencies and firms to tender for the project - Development of Web-Based Traffic Demand Management, Road safety and Enforcement Project (TREP) 2013-2015 for the State of Kuwait.



5th Annual Telematics Japan 2013, -- Tokyo, Japan, October 8 - 10, 2013.

20th ITS World Congress TOKYO 2013, -- Tokyo, Japan, October 14 - 18, 2013.

2nd Conference of Transportation Research Group of India (CTRG), -- Agra, India, December 12-15 2013.

COTA Call for Paticipation

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