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Monday, March 09, 2015

Vol. 72-2015-03-09

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COTA in action

COTA launched membership on-line registration website

COTA Community

Call for Paper - First IEEE International Smart Cities Conference (ISC2-2015), -- Guadalajara, Mexico, October 25 – 28, 2015.


China in Development

ITSMRS Annual Meeting, -- Beijing, March 18 - 19, 2015.

2015 Intertraffic China, Shanghai, March 31 - April 2, 2015.

14th ITS Asia Pacific Forum, -- Nanjing, Jiangsu, April 27 - 29, 2015.

2015 Shanghai International Command and Control Technology and Equipment Exhibition, -- Shanghai, June 10 - 12, 2015.

2015 ITS Expro. (Shenzhen), -- Shenzhen, June 14 - 26, 2015.

2015 fifth session of Asia (Beijing) International Intelligent Traffic and road safety exhibition, -- Beijing, June 16 - 18, 2015.

The 9th IACP Conference: Smart Growth and Sustainable Development -- Chongqing, China, June 19-21, 2015

The 5th China (Beijing) International Intelligent Traffic Industry Expo, -- Bejing, July 4 - 6, 2015

CPSE 2015 - the 15th China Public Security Expro, -- Shenzhen, October 31 - November 1, 2015

MOT: Announcement of top 10 people's livehood beneficial efforts in 2015

Nanjing is promoting public bycycle program development, will add 650 braches in 2015.

Media Observation of of 2014 China ITS Annual Meeting

"Urban transportation design guidance" passed the panel revewing

Beijing will come with solution for parkcing fee adjustment

ITS is helping with urbanization in China

Solar based bust station is included into the public transportation information publishment standard

Beijing is working on the policies of congestion price and gas pollution tax

Request for comments: Urban Public Transportion Intelligent demonstration project standard

MOT: ETC will be nationwide in 2015

"Under the Dome" - three problems that ITS needs to overcome

Shangdong: Parking meters - a failed sample of ITS

Let vehicle become a part of Internet

China’s Biggest Ride-Hail App Wants To Be An All-Around Transportation Platform

North America

Automotive Cyber Security Summit, -- Detroit, MI, March 30 - April 01, 2015.

Solicitation: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, -- Deadline, March 9, 2015.

I-95 Corridor Coalition Significant Events Response Conference: “Removing Barriers and Opening the Door for Cross - Disciplinary Understanding and Coordination”, -- Linthicum Heights, MD, May 12 - 13, 2015

2015 Traffic Safety Conference, -- Corpus Christi, TX, June 8 – 10, 2015

5th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design, -- Vancouver, Canada, June 22 - 24, 2015

TransComm2015 Conference, -- Annapolis, Maryland, September 13 - 16, 2015

First International Conference on Surface Transportation System Resilience to Climate Change and Extreme Weather Event, -- Washington, D.C., September 16 - 18, 2015.

Transportation Association of Canada(TAC) Annual Meeting, -- Charlottetown, PEI, September 27 - 30, 2015.

Call for paper: IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Conference 2015, -- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain, 15 – 18 September 2015.

The U.S. Department Transportation Announces $2.6 Million in Grants to Expand Real-Time Travel Information in 13 Cities

Vehicle technology bill to improve safety gains backers

Federal Railroad Administration Ramps up Campaign to Enhance Safety at Nation’s Grade Crossings

Value of Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Decision Making: Proof of Concept—Portland, Oregon, Metro
TRB’s second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) Report S2-L35A-RW-1: Value of Travel Time Reliability in Transportation Decision Making: Proof of Concept—Portland, Oregon, Metro demonstrates local methods to incorporate travel time reliability into the project evaluation process for multi-modal planning and development.

Ground Penetrating Radar Evaluation of New Pavement Density
The Washington State Department of Transportation has released a report that maps pavement surface density variations using dielectric measurements from ground penetrating radar.

Interactive Training for All-Hazards Emergency Planning, Preparation, and Response for Maintenance and Operations Field Personnel
TRB’s National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Synthesis 468: Interactive Training for All-Hazards Emergency Planning, Preparation, and Response for Maintenance and Operations Field Personnel identifies interactive emergency training tools and sources that may be applied by maintenance and operations field personnel of state departments of transportation and public works agencies. The report also identifies potential obstacles to their implementation and develops a toolkit of relevant training and exercise information.

Open Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Transit Agencies
TRB’s Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 115: Open Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Transit Agencies documents the current state of the practice in the use, policies, and impact of open data for improving transit planning, service quality, and treatment of customer information.

TRB Security, Emergency Management, and Infrastructure Protection Research Status Report

National Operations Center of Exellence Newsletter, February 2015, Volume 1 Issue 2

Safety in Numbers: Biking Is Safest in Nations With the Most People on Bikes

The Decline of Carpooling—Can App-Based Carpooling Reverse the Trend?

Op-Ed: Use of data can help families benefit from public transit expansion

New Bus Technology Hits the Streets Today, Tracks Departures in Real-Time

UNM researchers take to the skies to assess infrastructure damage

Remote valet mode and revolutionized parking: Ford’s Smart Mobility

Apple granted patent to use wireless strength map data for vehicle navigation

The first full-scale Hyperloop test track may launch in California next year

Soon American highways could be overrun with self-driving trucks

Robots Podcast: Sensors for autonomous driving

Running on data: Activity trackers and the Internet of Things


Traffex 2015, -- Birmingham, UK, April 21 - 23, 2015.

Call for papers: 4th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation, -- Copenhagen, Denmark, September 9 - 11 2015.

Autonomous Vehicle Test & Development Symposium 2015, -- Stuttgart, Germany, June, 17 - 18, 2015.

18th EURO Working Group on Transportation, Delft, The Netherlands, July, 14 – 16 2015.

Call for paper: 22nd ITS World Congress, Bordeaux, France, October 5 - 9, 2015.

European awards recognise cities for excellence in sustainable mobility

Could driverless cars own themselves?

Cameras, lasers and sensors: Volvo reveals how its driverless cars will work

A look at smart cities around the world - Europe, Asia very active

Mobility, ITS Special Issue

Australia & New Zealand

Call for Demonstrations: 23rd ITS World Congress

Middle East

ITS Forum UAE, -- Abu Dhabi, UAE, March 22 - 25, 2015.

Connected Car Congress, -- Ramat Gan, Israeli, November 2nd, 2015.

New Apps in Israel Use GPS, Lots of Data to Find You a Parking Spot


3rd Conference of the Transportation Research Group of India (3rd CTRG), -- Kolkata, India, December 17 - 20, 2015

Transport plan revealed for Tokyo megaquake

Driverless Cars Set to Hit Roads in Japan With Roadtest Project

Career Opportunities

Job in US: ITS Engineer/Project Manager - HDR USA, Orlando, FL

COTA Call for Paticipation

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